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put often-used text on clipboard with one click                    v5.5.1

massage text on the fly.. split csv strings and regroup

store network paths, URLs and commands...execute with a click or keystroke

53 kB



free image viewer

can be bundled with photos on a dvd or usb stick

enables flip animation with slideshow down to 1/10 sec

16 kB


 Group Tot macro  generate group totals in Microsoft Excel  worksheets 24 kB


 CaL13  thirteen week desktop calendar 11 kB
 MathEval  evaluate complex expressions      includes trace                       new app!

14 kB
 PT fast logger 

auto log PristonTale

v2 selects server and char and activates siege buff too

34 kB



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  Gutenberg Project
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  AutoIt scripting


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